Five Warning Signs That Your HR Department Needs Support

Five Warning Signs That Your HR Department Needs Support

Growing and thriving businesses can’t continue to grow and thrive without additional resources or efficient processes, and that’s where an effective human resource department comes in.

If you can’t afford to hire an additional full-time HR professional on your team, it may be time to consider outsourcing certain human resource functions; not only will you gain the benefits of experienced, efficient operations, but you’ll also free your time and budget to channel your attention where it belongs—back on growing your business.

If any or all of the below ring true for you and your business, it may be time to outsource certain HR functions.

1. When HR tasks are taking an excessive amount of time.

When you are tackling human resource tasks on top of running a business, things are bound to take longer; after all, there are so many hours in a day, and you don’t speak employment law and best hiring practices as a first (or even fourth) language. Enlisting the help of a professional HR workflow consultant means that you have someone well-versed in their industry, and all they have to do is apply it to yours.

2. When human resources are spread too thin.

It often happens as a business grows; HR tasks are often delegated and dispersed among a team of managers and department heads. While this can ensure the responsibilities get done, it can often lead to inconsistency and confusion as employees aren’t sure where to direct questions or report concerns. Having consistent human resources processes, either in-house or outsourced, help clarify job responsibilities and the chain of command. It also helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

3. When it’s taking away from your bottom line.

Effective human resources should add value to your bottom line, not take away from it. Outsourcing certain HR functions means you have qualified professionals well-versed in employment law, recruiting techniques, payroll, and benefits management. It means you can trust the job to get done right the first time, minimizing your risks while maximizing your time spent growing revenue, networks, and lead sources.

4. When the human resources department becomes too risky.

The bigger you grow, the more responsible—and accountable—you need to be. From new EEOC requirements to mandatory state and federal compliance, a skilled HR, Benefits and Tax professional has a keen understanding of liability landmines and IRS risks. Considering the cost of one tax reporting violation, one year of outsourced Payroll Tax compliance is a worthwhile investment that carries so many other related benefits.

5. When it’s making your business clumsy.

When your business was small and nimble, you could adjust to change rather quickly, but as it grows, it becomes harder and harder to prepare for growth, challenges, and the occasional rare opportunity. If given a chance to expand rapidly, could your current HR systems handle a massive hiring spree and still be effective?

If you’ve been handling human resources on your own or ineffectively delegated them throughout your untrained staff, now is the best time to have an HR Assessment by Highflyer HR. It’s not too good to be true; it’s just smart business. Don’t just get more things done. Get them all done—correctly, professionally, and efficiently.

4 Things To Look For In A Powerful HR Software Solution

4 Things To Look For In A Powerful HR Software Solution

The field of human resources has become increasingly bureaucratic; paperwork, compliance deadlines, paperwork, payroll, benefits, paperwork—you get the idea. More and more HR professionals spend their time navigating separate software and duplicated data on top of their recruiting, training, and employee engagement efforts. Thankfully, more and more HR teams are turning into single-source software solutions to streamline employee onboarding, payroll, benefits, employee tracking, and many other branches of HR work.

While a company’s specific needs and size will play a role in choosing the right software, there are some universal components from which all HR departments can benefit.

  1. HR Software should be easy to use, with intuitive navigation to allow company-wide, strategic collaboration.
  2. HR software should provide targeted reports and analytics aimed at helping manage their employees more effectively.
  3. HR software should be accessible from any device and anywhere in the world. This minimizes downtime and increases the ability to make strong decisions based on the most current information.
  4. HR software should include all the major facets of the department, including applicant tracking, time and attendance management, benefits enrollment, applicant and employee tracking, and payroll.

Highflyer HR’s iSolved software combines the necessary functions of human resources into one interactive app for professionals. iSolved provides full payroll reporting opportunities, time and attendance trackers for each employee and field, automated benefit processing, new hire reporting, and more. iSolved brings all aspects of HR together seamlessly to ensure the easiest most complete reporting and tracking.

Our goal at Highflyer HR is to make sure your business begins and ends with Human Resources. Easy to use, iSolved streamlines the staggering list of HR responsibilities into a single-source software that cross-references information, profiles, and goals, freeing up time for HR departments to focus less on resources and more on humans.

And we call that a win-win.

Not convinced iSolved is the program for you? Click here to take the software for a test drive.

As mandated by the Affordable Care Act, Section 6106, long-term healthcare providers now must submit staffing information in the form of a payroll-based report. Including the number of employees and total direct care hours worked by these employees, the information reported is used to track the level of staff plus employee tenure, retention, and turnover—all valuable numbers HR professionals of healthcare providers need to know and have on hand.

Who is Highflyer HR?

Who is Highflyer HR?

If you’ve been on our website for a minute, you have a pretty good idea of what Highflyer HR is and what we can do for your growing business. The truth is, our software performs several human resource roles and tasks, creating a highly efficient—and highly customized—human capital management solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. The question isn’t so much “Who is Highflyer HR?” but “Who is Highflyer HR to you?”

Highflyer HR is your HR partner.

Whether you have five employees or 500, Highflyer HR is a human resource tool that streamlines the heavy workload of payroll, time and attendance, benefits, onboarding, and compliance. In human resources, there are portions of the job that absolutely requires person-to-person interaction, and Highflyer HR’s efficient, streamlined processes make those interactions possible and productive. It removes the stacks of paperwork between you and your employees so that you can increase engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Highflyer HR is your virtual assistant.

We believe that humans are a company’s best resource and time is a close second, which is why we’ve designed a software-as-a-service solution that makes the best of both. It’s like having a personal assistant who is constantly on pace with you—processes have structure, emails have replies, and questions have answers. All of this means you now have the bandwidth to do what’s important.

Highflyer HR is your employee engagement coach.

According to a recent Gallup pole, employees who are engaged with their jobs and who report a high level of well-being are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months. They are also likely to miss 70% fewer workdays than their less-satisfied counterparts. Highflyer HR streamlines HR processes so human resource teams can focus on obtaining and maintaining a talented workforce. It creates the space and time for proper onboarding, rewards and recognition programs, salary comparisons, and individual achievement and retention strategies.

Highflyer HR is your compliance auditor.

Because it allows you access to payroll, time and attendance, benefits, and employee records at a glance, Highflyer HR ensures compliance with state and federal regulations at a glance. With our software, you’ll understand what needs to be done, how to do it properly, and when to have it completed. From taxes to ACA compliance, Highflyer HR removes the guesswork and replaces it with validated results.

There are only so many hours in a day, and only so many people in your HR department. Give them the tool they need to maximize their bandwidth, minimize errors, and optimize results.

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