Payroll-Based Journal Reporting – Highflyer Can Help

Payroll-Based Journal Reporting – Highflyer Can Help

Beneficial for both HR professionals in charge of compiling the report and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services who receive the reports, payroll-based journals:

  1. Allow for the collection of more regular and frequent data.
  2. Ensure accuracy of data by providing an auditable method of data collection.
  3. Standardize data collection.
  4. Inspect the quality of care delivered at nursing homes and other long term service providers by using data.

The payroll-based journal streamlines the recording process for HR managers and holds them accountable to strict time tables. Organization, for HR managers, is key to success. Payroll-based reporting is another tool to help these professionals execute a large part of their job as HR with minimal effort.

Creating a payroll-based journal will require HR professionals to compile data from a number of digital programs. It is important to make sure your software providers understand what is required by the report and what data to provide. Be sure your software partners are willing to assist you in compiling these type of reports.

There is no question as to whether payroll-based reporting will continue to be enforced—it is here to stay. Failure to comply could result in civil money penalties and citations. It is important to create a report that encompasses all employees and utilities used by the healthcare provider with complete and accurate data.

Highflyer HR possesses the resource you need to compile this comprehensive payroll-based journal. Our software is the perfect tool for fulfilling the Affordable Care Act’s mandated payroll journals. We provide users with full payroll previews with anywhere/anytime viewing. We provide HR with end-of-year administrative services processing and automated tax filing.

Highflyer HR is fully integrated with every function required of an HR professional from the payroll records to benefit administration. Want to learn more about our top-notch HR software? Highflyer HR is here to assist.