Have you ever noticed how certain managers seem to have a natural talent for hiring excellent employees? However, some clients still blame new hires for not being a good fit, when in fact, it could be the result of weak, unprepared interview questions. Read on to discover emotionally intelligent interviewing techniques that will help you hire great employees.

Asking the right questions: Ask questions that help gauge candidates’ interest in the opportunity and their level of commitment to the position. Some examples of effective questions include:

  • “Based on what you have heard so far, why would this position make sense at this point in your career?”
  • “If you were to accept this position, how would you explain it to your family and friends as to why you accepted this job?”
  • “When we check your references, what are they going to tell us? What’s the greatest asset you will bring to this position? What areas of training and/or personal improvement are you focusing on at this point?”
  • “Where should we be prepared to give you the most training, direction, and feedback in your first 90 days based on your understanding of the position?”
  • “What question were you hoping I would ask you that I did not?”
  • “In terms of your sense of urgency in finding a new opportunity, when would you be in a position to accept or reject an offer?”

Avoiding unacceptable questions: Interviewers should avoid asking questions that relate to age, race, gender, religion, or marital status

Coaching approach: Take a coaching approach to candidate selection that engages both the candidate’s mind and heart. This approach helps build trust and establishes a connection with the candidate, leading to better candidate acceptance rates

Importance of interviewing experience: With the high demand for qualified talent, interviewing experience takes on immeasurable importance in terms of candidate acceptances. Therefore, it’s essential to invest in developing and improving your interview skills.

Hiring the right employees is crucial to building a successful team. By using emotionally intelligent interviewing techniques, you can improve your selection process, avoid weak, unprepared questions, and ultimately hire great employees. If you feel your selection process could use some improvement, click here to contact us.